BMS web-page setup information

The BMS may be configured or monitored using the interactive web page. An alternative is to download & use the MS Windows application; for this, follow the 'Windows app' links.

You will need the following in order to use the interactive web page - note that the browser must be MS Internet Explorer:

  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser (the webpage uses ActiveX which is only available with Internet Explorer).

Internet Explorer's Javascript and ActiveX enabled (if disabled, use IE tab Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom level . . . .)

  • A serial (COM) port:
    either: a serial port (COM port) on your computer (usually a 9 way 'D' type connector)

or: a USB port with an external USB to Serial converter installed & connected - the converter should use TTL levels.

You will need to find the COM port number that has been assigned to the port that you will use - you can use the tools on the BMS setup page to do this: Click the "List COM ports" button - this will open a message showing available COM port numbers.
Try each of the listed COM port numbers using the "find a COM port name" tool until you recognise the name of the port you are intending to use - note the port number & type it into the 'COM port number' box when you use the webpage.

  • ActiveX control:
    You will need to download & install an ActiveX control for use by the programmer. There is a (very) small licence fee for this.

Download here: LINK

You must use the ActiveX release on this link - DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE LATEST VERSION.

Note 1:
When you run the BMS setup page, you may receive an ActiveX warning from your browser - accept the ActiveX control

Note 2:

When you run the BMS setup page, you may receive messages that the COM port is not available, or access is denied.
This is a normal response which occurs until the correct COM port has been selected.
If the message continues after the correct COM port has been selected, it means that some other application on the computer is using it - you need to find out which application it is & close it. If you open two copies of the BMS setup web page simulataneously, the error could arise because one of the pages has already connected to the COM port.