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Battery management systems (BMS)

I specialise in the application of both lead-acid and lithium ion battery systems. BMS's carry out the following functions:

  • preserve battery integrity
  • protect users & systems from the consequences of abuse
  • prevent operation outside of the battery's capabilities
  • prioritise resources; consumers, power sources, energy storage
  • provide status information to the user
  • interchange data with other systems
  • many microcontroller based

typical system parameters: 12V & 24V, 100Ahr to 600A-hr capacity, up to 300 amps.


DC-DC power conversion

I have conceived & designed a large range of specialised DC-DC converters:

  • single & bi-directional
  • up convert, down convert, line stabilisation
  • battery equalisation
  • battery charging; lead-acid, nickel metal-hydride, lithium ion
  • regulated DC supplies
  • many with microcontroller based housekeeping

typical system parameters: 12V, 24V, up to 60 amps, 1kW.


DC-AC power conversion

I have conceived & designed a large range of both standard & specialised DC-AC inverters:

  • pure sine wave, switch mode
  • quasi-sine wave, switch mode
  • single phase, three phase
  • including soft start for powering motors
  • for use on vehicles, including electric vehicles, railways, military aircraft

typical system parameters: voltages from 12VDC to 96VDC, 110 & 230VAC output, 50, 60 & 400Hz, up to 6kW


AC-DC power conversion:

Design of AC switch-mode power converters for:

  • multi-output supplies for host equipment
  • battery charging; lead acid, nickel metal-hydride, lithium ion
  • single phase, three phase

typical system parameters: 110, 230 & 400VAC, up to 400VDC, up to 1kW

Uninterruptible power supplies:

Design of UPS's:

  • 230VAC to 230VAC pure sine on-line switch mode (with patent)
  • 230VAC to 400VDC on-line switch mode
  • 24VDC to 24VDC, 300 amps

Telecommunications equipment:

Design of:

  • Telephones
  • Facsimile machines
  • Modems
  • Printers
  • Data terminal equipment

Radio communications equipment:

Design of radio frequency transmitters & receivers:

  • voice
  • voice & video
  • FM & VSB
  • HF, VHF, UHF & microwave