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This is just a simple list of a few achievements during my professional career:

  • Acquistion of venture funding & founding of several small businesses, including Antares (Europe) Ltd which is now in its 20th year
  • DTI S.M.A.R.T. award for innovation.
  • Patents (applied) for: on-line uninterruptible power supply, switch-mode inverter, wind turbine maximum power point tracker, DC line signalling interface.
  • Innovative & original products, many now copied, a few of which are:
    • high power lead-acid battery equaliser
    • automatic split charge units
    • vehicle alternator controllers
    • vehicle mains inlet with battery gauge
    • compact & low cost power inverters
    • stepper motor power drive techniques for high speed & stability
    • low cost, high performance, high power lithium ion battery managers